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guage an◆d media increa〓singly to d○ivide us and dis○tance us fr〓om others.""●People who ○don't read foreign l〓iteratures are more 〓likely to view○ people of o●ther cultures as fu■ndamentally differen■t and incomprehen〓sible. Literature● reminds us ●that behind 〓walls of politic●s and ideology t◆here continue ◆to be ordinary p〓eople, flirt

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ing w■ith each other, d●ealing with〓 the deaths of the●ir parents,〓 stealing bicyc〓les, catching a co〓ld, competing ■for recogn◆ition, or wor■rying that they lo◆ok too old whe○n they see th〓emselves in the m●irror," he said."W●e can relate to thes◆e things, an■d the power o■f this abili■ty to relate is mul○tiplied when i●t crosses ○linguistic ■and cultural◆ barriers. When yo○u can see this comm■onality, you are le〓ss likely to dehu◆manize someone from● another culture ●with

stereotypes and● prejudice, ○and this could 〓help diminish a■ lot of hatred and v○iolence," he said.○In today's hig〓hly visual, digi●tal culture, ●the challenge is "○how to get literatur〓e in front ○of people," La〓ughlin said."We a〓re all still reading■. Our relationship ◆with paper is ch■anging...the ◆amount of reading ◆happening on● screens is〓 surprisingly〓 voluminous, i●ncluding my ●own," he said. "So 〓it's about us helpi●ng it proli○ferate through soci■al media, wi〓th hashtags and 〓through opinion in○fluencers."Science f〓iction from China,● which is highly

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●literary, has a lot〓 of momentum i〓n digital cult〓ure, especially no■w that it is com〓ing out in movie for●m such as The Wander○ing Earth, he not◆ed.He said L〓iu Cixin's fi○ctional worlds, such○ as the one in the 〓Three Body ■Problem, po

int t〓o the past hi●story and cult〓ure, and invite read〓ers to explor◆e further.Similarl〓y, gamers may encou●nter The Thre〓e Kingdoms, a◆ 14th-cent◆ury historical n●ovel considered as■ one of the Four Gr◆eat Classical■ Nov

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○you read back〓 into the c〓entury before ◆and the centuries ●before that...the m◆ore you see t◆he continuities■ and changes of C●hinese cult■ure."CROSS■ING CULTURAL ◆BARRIERS IN D○IGITAL, VISUAL WORL●DLaughlin has been ■changing his ◆syllabus and ways of● teaching his stu●dents abou◆t literature in ge◆neral as it is◆ becoming "margin○alized by digi●tal

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to great■ original literary ◆works, but we c◆an explore■ the possibilities,"■ he said. ○"The motivation○ or rationale◆ to do so is t■o engage with● the fee

lin○gs of a Chines◆e historical subjec◆tivity, and■ through it l〓earn what matters t○o people in C〓hinese society r◆ather than simply h■ave it explained.〓"Please scan the● QR Code to follow u○s on Instagr■amPlease scan the QR● Code to follow ◆us on WechatChi〓na and Japan agreed ○to make grea●t progress in cultu◆ral and people-to-●people exchanges an●d inject new impetus○ into bilat◆eral relation○s that meet the r■equirements of th〓e new era, Chinese○ State Counci

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  • dif●ficult to relat●e to the problems ■and issues t◆hat characters in t●hese stories are■ dealing with.""So○me of them ●liked stories mo○re than I expe○cted them to. And s?/li>
  • 鰋me of them disli〓ked stories that I ■thought that they wo〓uld like," he○ said. "But I 〓think they m
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